Everything you need to know about barbells, ranging from standard barbells to power barbells to olympic weightlifting barbells

The Complete Barbell Guide

Your barbell is your connection to all of the weight you’ll be lifting. If you buy a good one, you’ll get the joy of training with a far better barbell than you’ll find in even the fanciest commercial gym. You’ll take good care of each other for a lifetime, and when you’re gone, it will take equally good care of your children.

Each barbell is designed for a particular purpose. One barbell might be flexible so that it bends when you pull a deadlift. Another barbell might be springy so that you can launch it into the air and then catch it on your shoulders without all of the force crashing into your joints. Yet another barbell might be designed to be sturdy so that you can bench press without the weight bouncing around.

By the end of this article you’ll understand every feature of every barbell, you’ll be able to lift more weight more comfortably, and you’ll know how to buy a barbell that’s perfect for you.

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