Photo of Shane Duquette and Marco Walker-Ng, BHSc, PTS.

About Outlift

Here at Outlift, we specialize in helping people become bigger, stronger, fitter, and far more attractive. I'm Shane Duquette, BDes, and my business partner is Marco Walker-Ng, BHSc, PTS, PN. You probably know us as the creators of Bony to Beastly and Bony to Bombshell, our bulking programs for skinny people, but Marco is a certified strength coach who has coached college, professional, and Olympic athletes.

We made Outlift because our skinny clients kept growing out of our programs for skinny people. Within a few months, they'd start asking us for more intermediate content so that they could keep building muscle. So this our site for intermediate lifters who are already in the habit of lifting weights, already know how to eat a good diet, and who want to dive much deeper into the nuances of hypertrophy training (aka training for muscle growth).

Before/after illustration of a skinny man becoming muscular.

I have a degree in design and visual communication, as well as nearly ten years of experience helping people build muscle. I do the writing, design, and illustration. Marco is a certified strength coach (PTS) with a degree in health sciences (BHSc), with over a dozen years of experience training people both in-person and online. He programs all of the workouts and teaches all of the lifts.

Together, we've helped nearly ten thousand hardgainers bulk up. Plus, we've each personally gained over sixty pounds at under 12% body fat (naturally).

For some examples of what we do best, here's Marco bulking transformation over the course of a few years, showing him going from 150 pounds up to 220 pounds at around 10% body fat:

Here's my own bulking transformation, showing me going from 130 to 190 pounds at around 11% body fat. And perhaps more impressively, Marco helped me gain 55 of those pounds during my first two years of lifting.

Before and after photo of Shane Duquette going from skinny to muscular.

We also helped our third business partner, Jared, gain 33 pounds in his first three months of lifting weightsHere he is starting at 130 pounds and bulking up to 163 pounds while testing one of our programs:

Jared Polowick's Skinny-to-Muscular Ectomorph Bulking Transformation

We've since reproduced these results with thousands of members, ranging from everyday people to doctors to Olympic athletes. For some examples of that, here's GK's bulking transformation, going from skinny to muscular:

Before and after photo of a skinny guy becoming muscular

Here's Ioulia's bulking transformation, going from skinny to curvy, with some extra emphasis on her hips:

Female muscle-building weight gain before and after photo

Here's Johnny making progress as an intermediate lifter, going from a fit physique to a strong one:

Before and after photo of an intermediate lifter building muscle

And here's Reetta making progress as an intermediate lifter, going from having an athletic physique to being impressively lean and strong:

Before and after photo of a woman building muscle

Now, to be clear, everyone builds muscle differently. We all have different bone structures and muscle-building genetics, and we're all striving for slightly different physiques. Our specialty is helping you work with your own genetics and goals to build the body that you want.

Our main goal is to put up a ton of free lifting information, but we've also got a few paid programs, including our brand new Outlift Intermediate Bulking Program:

Cover illustration of the Outlift intermediate bulking program for naturally skinny guys.

We also have our Bony to Beastly Bulking Program for skinny men and our Bony to Bombshell Bulking Program for skinny women:

Bony to Beastly & Bombshell Bulking Programs for Skinny Men and Women.

If you love our articles, you'll love our full programs. And on that note, if for whatever reason you don't love our programs, we have a full refund policy on everything we sell.

Our Best,
Shane & Marco